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Originally Posted by 3500ltz View Post
Holy smokes, hope you get her fixed up soon! What was the total list of damage?
Thanks, I almost have it back together.

The damage:
TKRC5161 V2 Adj Hinge Pin Brace "A" Block Alum EB/NB (shattered)
TKRC5436 Suspension Arm Front ET48/NT48 (2) (twisted badly also gouged by dislodged driveshaft)
TKRC9114 Diff Outdrive F/R Lightened EB/NB48 ET/NT48 (chipped)
TKRC1333 Flat Head Screw M3x40mm Black EB48 (10) (bent)
TKR5012 Gearbox Front EB48, SCT410 (torn when TKRC1333 ripped out)
I rebuilt the front diff too for good measure.

I also replaced the B block hinge pin inserts with the 1deg offset inserts, for two reasons. Mainly because the impact damaged the left side insert, almost pushing the hinge pin through it, but also to lower the kick up angle hoping to reduce nose dive under braking and increase steering response.
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