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Was finally able to do some testing yesterday and I take some time to play a little bit with the forward/rearward angle (longer/shorter steering arms) of the rear toe links...

I compare back to back on my 700 with RFG that give a big amount of rearward angle with AM23-1 and I see no notable difference on the track when the rear toe links are straight with AM14-1 and when they are angled. I make certain on each tests that the active toe amount was the same on the setup station.

That was easy to test because the "older" AM14-1 have a threaded hole that have the same position as the AM23-1.

I later removed the FFG/RFG on the car and put it back to "L" configuration and made the same tests. With the same results as before. With the "L" bulkhead and AM23-1 I have a small forward angle and a big forward angle with AM14-1.

With longer arms I feel the car a tad more stable in the rear. But on a blind test it will be very difficult to know which is which if you know what I mean

So to recap in one sentence...like Howard said you can feel less slope with longer arms...

With the amount of talent (or lack if you prefer) I will probably stick to what I was running because it is nicer lol
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