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Originally Posted by daktulos View Post

We just got a black carpet at my club so I don't have a lot of experience on that kind of grip but I can show you a direction to take.

First we need to know a little more about the class you are running and which version of the A700 you have. Is it a L or a EVO. Which chassis and shock version (#6 non-rebuildable or the newer ones).

Go see the links below. Don't say that to other team drivers but habitually Mike Gee setups are fast and easy to drive so it's a good starting point

Awesomatix USA: Set-up Sheets

Setup Sheet Data Base

My apologies, it's 17.5 stock, I'm 99% Sure it's the Evo, and it's got the "unicorn" RaceBerry chassis, with the #6 non-rebuildable dampers.

I forgot there are so many versions... I'm an Awesomatix virgin... lol
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