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here is my feeling towards jackington as posted in another thread...

ok, this is were i have the problem with the kid, if you dont have a dad why did you post in rc universe before you got banned from that sight for cursing, that your father owned sorex tires, and you had a neo one and a sphere system in your car, when you were asked to post pics you did nothing but back track. if you paid 2500 for that your not flaunting your hard work, your showing your ignorance, thats a stock 414m2, i got 2 of them each costing me 150 bux on ebay, my 3rd m2 witch is "totaly pimped out" or just highly modded for us non gangsta people cost me under 500, you ly through your teeth on every forum you go to and then you get attacked and you cry about it. i dont care about how you speek or spell, im sure few of us are harvard law grads. but its the lies that spew out of your mouth that bother me, thats an insult to mine and everyone else's intelligence!!

and he also claimed to be this top notch racer who beats down people like matt francis and brian kinwald week in and week out, check rc universe and scroll through his posts, he got so abused he changed his name to siktamiya and still got booted!!!

ps heres a nice 414m2
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