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Default 14Oct2017 Race Report

It seems whatever hangover our IIC racers may have been nursing did not affect their desire to race with us last night because we were sporting a full program with 58 entries and 10 heats, and that included nice group of Novices and a surprising seven intrepid Mod 1/12th scalers--and that was with Brian racing the WCICS event in Edmonton. I will also mention we had support getting the track set up and torn down. We have little to no fat in our program to trim, so there's just no way to get through the night and not be pressed up against the clock at the end. It's a very encouraging sign that guys are willing and able to hang for the teardown!

Scale Spec was a back and forth contest between Kerry, Franko, and Justin in qualifying and the main. Franko laid down a good second qual to snatch the pole from Kerry, but then Kerry went to work in the main and got it back for a good victory, and I will add that not only is his car fast, he has impeccable style with functioning headlights which are good for 0.2s on every lap!

Our Novices were a sporty bunch, and a good race formed up between Ken and McKenna, Ken a lately arrived touring driver, and McKenna 1/12th wheel we've seen before. Ken shadowed McKenna through qualifying, though she held tough and claimed the TQ. Come the main, Ken was able to take the lead at approximately the halfway mark, and try as she might, McKenna couldn't quite clean up her line to take it back. So, TQ to McKenna, and a stout win for Ken.

Stock 1/12th I tried some new things with my trusty 12R5 that elevated its abilities. I laid down a quick 43 laps, five seconds shy of Slappy's track record, but definitely on pace. I enjoyed a largely uneventful run in the main, but the real action was between Ryan and Ron for the runner-up. After eight long minutes it was Ron taking it by 0.3s over Ryan. Good stuff guys! And Ryan coming on strong.

Modified Touring was the big field of the night. We are seeing some new blood in the ranks as Dick looks to put his stock program on the shelf for the time being and get on with no-drama Mod. I hope he sticks with it as I know he is a very capable racer and these things just take a little time. In the main, Andrew looked like he was on his way to defending his pole position, but he flung it off track at the midpoint, leaving Korey to finish it out for the win, with Jake trailing a mere 3s behind. Panos and Stuart stayed steady as attrition took its toll on the field, and Stuart muscled past Panos at the last turn to take the 3rd.

Formula Un! Was relatively sedate as four capable drivers did their best to honor the tradition. Russ Dyer was on his game all night, and despite Dave's best efforts Russ slowly pulled away for a solid win. Everyone finished as they qualified, which probably makes it as much a true-to-scale class as any we offer.

Stock Touring was the Sam Show as he laid down the heat in both qualifying and the main, leaving no doubt who was the boss for the evening. The drama came further down the order as Matt, Ron, and Andrew Kaltsounis contested the 3-spot. The young Andrew ran most of the race in a solid third, though with Ron and Matt hot behind, there was consistent pressure. Andrew did tap and the two were quick to get by and sort it out between them. It was Matt who flashed some Vegas-tuned form by taking the third step on the box.

Modified 1/12th was predictably a Korey-dominated affair as he blazed to a fast 50 lap run. Minus a tap and he would have reset his record at I believe the 51 mark. Next time! We have new guys jumping into the grip crushing eye bleed that is Mod 1/12th. My best advice guys is to take it slow and give yourselves time! Consistency first, then add speed. With Mod 1/12th it doesn't work to think you can grab a monster car and somehow wrestle it to the ground. You have to take it in deliberate, patient steps.

The legendary hangar on Wednesday...it's where the cool kids will be!

Results attached.
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