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All, please be aware that the EP ONR Section AGM will be held post completion of the days activities on Friday (3rd November) as part of the upcoming National Championship at WCMRC.

The proposed agenda is at the link below. If you would like items to be considered for the agenda, please ask you club to make contact with the committee ([email protected])

Agenda can be found HERE

In addition, a reminder that as per the AARCMCC constitution, nominations for section positions are required to be formalised minimum 7 days prior to the AGM.

As has been the case for the past 2 years, the intention is to have 3 committee members, plus state delegates as appropriate. If you would like to be considered for either one of the three committee positions or as a state delegate, please provide your nomination.

In order to open up the ability for racers to put their hands up for the EP ONR committee, we are introducing electronic self nomination for committee positions. Please complete the nomination process via the link below.

Nomination Form

We require nominations to be provided by the 20th of October 2017 to give us 1 week to follow up formal nomination from your nominated club AND seek endorsement by another state, per your direction, or as the committee sees fit in the absence of direction, in advance of or at the AGM.

Please note, the existing committee intends to re-stand, however voting of positions will *NOT* be undertaken at the AGM, but will be post the AGM via Electronic Ballot. More details are provided via the nomination form per the link above
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