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Originally Posted by GrandeGixxer View Post
My MTC1 is in progress. Waiting on quite a few bits to finish it up. I also need to figure out which body I want. I don't think I'll be able to wait for the new Protoform lid. What is going to be the spec tire for 13.5? Also, is there a rollout limit?
I think Teach is planning on running the MTC1 too. It looked good at JMR on Saturday. Might want that Fenix alum. chassis for carpet tho. For our first week on the new rug I would recommend either the Protoform LTCR, MonTech is200 or MonTech Racer body. These 3 options have the most downforce, pretty much in that order (Racer being the most). Grip will be high but not super high, so it is possible the carpet will be a little skatey. If you want to go the PF route but can't get one in time, let me know. I might be able to provide a body.

Spec tire is the Gravity Type C. I'm not sure what our inventory is there. I also have some available if you need something. New and used (used will probably start out better on the new carpet).

I am sure there will be an FDR limit for the spec 13.5 motor. None of us have had a chance to run and test it, so that might be decided on this weekend. Outside we ran 5.0 minimum FDR. That might work inside, or we might need to bump it up. Not sure of Casey's plan on that yet.
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