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Originally Posted by jagman1 View Post
Hey Brother C, i just love an altar call, so i will come to the altar and give all and everything I have as a living sacrifice to God, called to be holy just as He is holy.
Prayer is one of the most powerful things that we have been given to use, for Jesus did not die just so we can go to heaven but also to tear the veil which stood between man ( or woman) and the holy of holy's so that through Him we can have a wonderful, intimate relationship with God who is our Father. As Jesus did many miracles He would often retreat and spend time in prayer with God. "When you pray, pray like this".
For some people just getting out of bed and greeting the day was a miracle, For others just getting through the day to days of work, families, relationships, the supermarket can be a miracle, For some just getting to church is a miracle, you get up early, get your things ready, got the worship music on and then there is something that is trying to stop you from recieving the blessing that God has set aside for you, all these are times when just like Jesus we need to come to our Father.
"For in all things through prayer, supplication and thanksgiving".
So my prayer request is simply this. That all things i do bring glory to God, that i do not just know of His love but become it and that every step i take is a step closer to being an image of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
Very well said my Brother very well said all glory be to HIM. Thank you for your post.

Stay Praying and most of all Stay Blessed.
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