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Originally Posted by CristianTabush View Post
Making a shorter shock is far less expensive than making a different arm

The Gizmo has "gullwing geometry". Much like the Schuei, this allow to run a slightly longer shock and still have them sit lower on the car. Our car with longer shocks than the XRAY (2mm total longer), the shocks sit 2-3mm lower than on the T4 for example. With Short shocks, the difference is about 5mm. I personally think there is a benefit to the higher volume shock on asphalt though, and find myself using the original longer shocks more and more as they give a slight bit more steering.

I have not been able to identify the reason much, but I am starting to think it is the extra volume. I have played around with yokomo shock caps, which fit the xray shocks and make the shocks 2mm shorter to try to see if it is the geometry that makes a difference. What I have observed is that by using yokomo caps and the longer shocks, while essentially having the same length shock, the feel is still not the same. The longer shock gives more mid corner steering and overall a more responsive feel. The CG difference is negligible at best because by making it 2mm shorter, I can run the same towers.

On Carpet the effect is typically the same, however the shorter shocks mellow out the car and make it easier to drive hard, which I think translates into better laptimes.

I think we are getting to the point where cars have to be built slightly different for asphalt than carpet to maximize performance. We already are partly there, by running alloy vs carbon, shocks should be on that list if you ask me...
If we're lucky we will be able to simply use the T4'17 towers, then '17 shocks
will fit with no mods.

If they are bigger bore, how long until RSD bring out some machined nylon pistons?
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