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Originally Posted by stuartkeith View Post
Hi guys.

I race an old Schumacher MI4 with Lipo and spec r rear diff.I am having issues indoor on carpet with foam, with no grip from the rear whatsoever.

even on the start if I hit the power it will just 180 so I have to start off real slow. after 3 laps or sp it is better, but I have to catch the rear end almost every corner. I am using CG carpet setup and have tried the following.

red front springs
green rear springs
washers below the rear mount plate
no washers below rear mount plate.
loser belt
tighter belt
laying down rear shocks more
wide translink (makes even worse)
thinist translink plates (best so far)

Im not sure what else to try next.maybe less rear camber? widen the rear track width and narrowing the front?
lightest rear springs?

I would revert back to the "KIT" set up and completely rebuild the chassis. Sometimes these little race cars will have a good enough tweak that will remove the majority of rear mechanical grip, making the chassis spin out when turning off power and slightly on power. FYI: Laying down the rear shocks will take away rear traction, raising the rear shocks will add rear traction but there is a limit to everything. Revert back to KIT setup and completely rebuild the chassis and your problems should be resolved.
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