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Originally Posted by DavidNERODease View Post
I'm assuming you can attain the proper ride height with rubber tires by flipping the rear bearing holders over like they show in the presentation. I did this on my X12'17 to run larger foam tires and just bought more ride height shims for the front end.
Yeah, it should give a bigger range of ride heights, but whether it's enough to run rubber tires, would have to be tried.

With my X10'16 Pro10, with 55mm foam tires, the lowest I can get is just over 5mm, and I'd like to run 3-4mm, so I should at least be okay for that! Outdoors, I know people running 63mm tires on their Associated 10R5.1, running at 6mm ride height, thinking they might go down to 5-5.5mm... If I ran 63mm tires, the lowest I would get would be 9mm ride height!!!

Originally Posted by DavidNERODease View Post
The fantastic XRAY ball diff and massively superior overall durability keep me from considering any other competitors pan cars.
The small plastic bit that the centre shock balls screwed into on the X10'16 were the only weak point on durability, I hope they got rid of that (they did on the X12'16, I believe?).

Their sloppy front end has also been a problem historically, with both the X10 and the X12, but they say that "excess play in the steering block and front upper ball joints was removed", we'll see?
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