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Originally Posted by leadfootlenny View Post
Just a heads up to stay away from this truck unless you want to wait for losi to make aftermarket shocks. I bought one last week and had it for three hours, 2 of which were me sitting there trying to rebind the truck to the transmitter, when i finally got onto my local track i had a mishap of going end over end which i thought no biggie they do that all the time. continued to drive the rest of the track and then i heard i grinding sound. The passenger front shock top blew off. the next day after changing the front shocks out with an Integy set my shop had i made it about 20% around my track and blew out both rears. since Losi has not come out with aluminum replacement shocks or shock tops i now have a new 600$ wall ornament. If someone has any tips or tricks to help me get this thing moving and jumping again I would greatly appreciate.

But until then...... everyone STAY AWAY FROM THIS WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!
Did you contact Horizon about the issue? I had a rare part break on my Losi ACT a while back and contacted them. They sent a replacement immediately. They stand behind their products.
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