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Originally Posted by dinosback View Post
Do you have the latest software installed from computer and phone? Just a couple of weeks ago they came out with a updated app. I have an S7 for a phone and use it for only small adjustments at the track. When I plug the phone into the ESC the app will start up by itself. If it does not connect while in app unplug it and then plug it in. I also turn the ESC on while I have the USB plugged in. Also I would suggest doing a remote calibration every time you change the settings. Once in a while if I don't turn on the remote before the ESC it will not work. I am not sure what that is about. Another time I had a bad sensor cable and ESC would not work untill I replaced it. These are some of the issues I have come by. I came from the 10.1 as well. On our carpet track I have been very impressed with the performance of the HMX.
Believe me, i tryed everything....
I have a samsung s8 and a samsung tab E
Latest firmware and app installed
Esc V4 1.03 modified
And reinstall the hmx app yesterday
And offcourse a good working sensor cable
At this moment it only connects with the pc
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