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Originally Posted by dinosback View Post
Did you try connecting to a computer? The computer has always been better for software updates and major changes. Also what motor are you running? If it is not an Orion then try unplugging the sensor cable and then connecting. I have 4 of them and have not any problems at all.
It's used with a brand new Orion 10.5 ultimate stock
I tryed on a computer now and this seems to work, however i would prefer the app on the pittable
Also tryed again the app after pc but can't get connection with that even on different tabblets, it doesn't connect whatever i try
Will do the "unplug sensor" method tommorrow but if that is the way this thing works than you can better buy sommething else, i have 5 orions r10.1 with no problems, also hw xr10 no problems
But man
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