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Originally Posted by Ken McKinney View Post
I received mine two weeks ago. It went together with no problem just have one question how can I get More Caster out of the car?
Wow, that's not very encouraging to hear. I thought that new XRAYGT was Ultra Adjustable and the LAST thing I would find is that CASTER was still menacing the GT. Kyosho refused to address it in their GT/GT2. Serpent took several manufacturing mods to get it great and a slight 'dremel shave' on 'front of top front arm' and shimming forward to reduce caster makes the MGT7 happy. (edited for correction)

Is it a 'personal driving style' that requires 'getting more Caster out'? And is that not something that beautiful looking machine has built in already to it's Super Adjustability?

Does the XRAYGT not corner well? (bummer)

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