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That wing is is just so absurdity big for such a little hatchback. I bet it produces some decent down force at speed (read air resistance) and if anything, it should plant the rear end down from the weight. Lol. The subie WRX STI has the same shaped wing, that thing is heavy.

If you look at the picture of my body above, I have the same road grime kick up problem you have. I think the lexan bodies have a static cling.

I like the Suzuki body.

Originally Posted by LJH View Post
For you Rally fans here is a shot of the Suzuki SX4 body on a TT02 at tarmac height. This body feels like it changes direction a lot faster than the Porsche body, thinking that is caused by the lower over hangs from and rear. It also feels substantially less tail Happy.

The Ride 26MM raidials sure put off a lot of dust on the sticky tennis court this evening, this is from 2 packs so about 25 minutes of running. You could actually hear them screeching at times.

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