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I have to agree, changing the body will greatly affect how the car drives.

Yesterday I setup my chassis with 17.5t 77/32 locked slipper and blinky mode at 0degrees to have a baseline to compare it to my equally powered Ta05. I re-weighed the two chassis. The Xv-01 chassis is about 1600 running weight. The TA05 is 1490 with almost identical electronics and battery. So 110g difference.

Once I got the xv-01's suspension handling as neutral as I could, I put the body on, and much of the steering balances changed. I had to tighten up then rear preloads to counter some of the extra body weight.

The xv-01 really is kind of swing happy when you have a lot of power. With a silver can or light modified motor it can take corners with a sloppy setup. Once you put anything hotter than 21.5 or a 17t, that extra weight (in all the wrong places) makes for some butt swinging oversteer. You can tune it out as much as you can with more rear spring tension and I guess that makes for a higher rear end. Strange how that is counter to some setups, where a softer rear end gives more traction. Where a tighter rear end yields less oversteer in the xv-01. Thoughts?

The xv-01 is such a challenge. That's why I like it. This car with the right setup might be as fast as the next car, but never faster than the gamut of TC cars; I have conceded. It really is best at being a decent cross over chassis.

I can't wait to setup the second chassis as rally. All-road characteristics like jumping, and terrain management and traction will be a new challenge. Compromises... I am guessing.

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