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Default 17Jun2017 Race Report

We close out spring at the Seatac R/C Raceway's 2017 season without having to drop a race. We had one reschedule, and yesterday we had a slippery Q3, but otherwise I feel like we've had a great ride through the cool, wet, pollen-and-cottonwood-coated weeks of our schedule without putting ourselves in the ditch. We were 60 entries strong to start the day, and even after a number of racers bailed during Q3 thinking all was lost, we had full to the brim mains still on hand to close out the event on a dry, fast track.

Making their first appearances of the season, Gary and Jim immediately got to work in Scale Spec and showed excellent form. It looked like they had been with us all along. But before claiming the prize, Gary had to fend off excellent efforts by Franko, Jesse, and Jim, all of whom put pressure on the winner with stints in the lead or up his tail pipe, keeping him focused. I would say Scale Spec continues to be the prize class of the northwest, and for those outside of our area who pay attention to our little program in the woods, I hope you see it for what it is: the core of our offering where veteran and intermediates can mix it up. It's high skill, slow speed racing, and it's great good fun for everyone.

We had three novices throwing down for the day, one of whom, Alex, showed up with a nice looking 1/12th scale. He hustled it around the track with admirable effectiveness. That's encouraging. It will be fun to see him turning out in Stock in the fall. But, it was Gary, the putative oldest racer in the northwest (even with Pops Tveten on hand in F1, I do believe it's a credible claim), who showed he still has some track skills by carving a nice line around the track and taking the win.

Modified Touring...seriously, when you have Harbke, Schreven, Shook, and Danilchik on hand, and then throw in the odd Canadian, a rampaging Stuart, and a rumbling Donny among others, it is bound to be a throwdown. For the first two rounds of qualifying, it was a Harbke vs. Schreven duel, each with fast laps and fast runs to demonstrate to the other who is the best among us. Korey says, “Stand back and check this, Peeler,” and then Trav says, “You're big, but you're still the little nose picker I used to whup on at Rain City.” And so it goes. Meanwhile, Shook was on hand to remind them other creatures lurk in the woods who have an appetite for the occasional victory. Brian rolled in late, was questionable for the main, but then got it together, kept cool in the scrum, and saved the club's honor. He fended off two Canadians who threatened to steal away the prize. Alex and Jason made the trip down, though how the State Patrol missed the studded snow tires so far out of season I don't know. You'd think the toques, “Hey hoser,” and “Eh,” that punctuate every third word would give it away, but I suppose we have other matters more calamitous to attend to as a nation than the depredations this mild mannered pair can visit upon us. I jest, but I will mention that Alex, of Gripworks RC fame and frequent and generous supporter of our program, was kind to make available some swag for the day's winners.

It's time to give F1 it's full due, they came, they stayed, and refused to back down in the face of unstable weather. Hats off, particularly as F1s are not the easiest cars to drive in great conditions, let alone the dodgy kind we faced in Q3. But when I looked across the track at Hawley and Tamayo and asked whether they were good to go, they gave me the thumbs up and a look like, “What, did we miss the meteor strike or something? It's a little rain. Strap it up!” So, strap it up they did, and they gingerly made their way around, looking surprisingly good. Mark came through in the main for the win, while McMullen kept it real, and Rich redeemed what had been, up to that point, a rather trying day for Team Mishko.

The Stock Touring guys lost their nerve and a bunch of them bailed during Q3, missing what were probably the best conditions of the day in the main. Temperature and humidity combined with asphalt and syrup to yield happy hour conditions for those who stuck it out. Not to be deterred, our California import, George, emerged to take the win, capping off a solid effort in the class. George joined us last season, and since then, he has been in reliable attendance with his 1/12th and his TC always ready to rock.

Modified 1/12th is four strong now, and we are advancing the cause. We enjoyed the best conditions of the season, excluding Q3, though even that was brilliant for 06:30 before the thick air yielded enough actual rain to derail the run. Stuart and I have our chassis tunes dialing in, with just small amendments to make going forward. Stuart is bearing down, closing to within 2-3 tenths of Trav's and Korey's fast lap averages in Mod TC in qualifying. Stuart takes a lot of pride in his program and wants badly to be the outright fastest car of the day.

We're done with the spring. Happy Father's Day! See you in two weeks.

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