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Default Another TA05 and Xv-01 comparison

So today I took out the TA05 and the Xv-01. I weighed these cars in the configuration they usually run in. Damn. The xv-01 is a beefy bit of RC. Close to 200g different.

The TA05 has no sway bars, and definitely has mildly lighter electronics parts in it, a shorty pack LIPO, slighter lighter ESC and servo. Motor should be the same weight, 13.5 in the xv-01 and 17.5 in the Ta05.

I was really liking how neutral the TA05 felt when steering, I could flick it in any direction and it would recover easily, even with mediocre tires. Predictable. Geared tall, it still felt like there was adequate acceleration, and just enough punch to break then tires loose without loosing control. Top speed was manageable.

The xv-01 was misbehaving today. After I raised the suspension and then messed with front and rear ride heights, everything just feels disconnected now. I think then feeling was heightened because I am doing this comparison back to back with the other chassis. The rear end was not getting quite the traction in needed out of corners. In fact it was oversteering. Accelerating was slower but top speed was greater, which made it feel a little uncontrollable and unpredictable. Unweildy when slowing and entering a turn form a straight. I could literally see the weight carry. Braking into turns needs a lot more attention because of nose dive. Maybe the xv-01 is over powered.

Todays the fun goes to the TA05.

Needless to say, a whole reworking of gearing (acceleration), ESC settings (throttle response), suspension (turning) is needed to get the xv-01 in tip top shape if you want to compete against lighter, and easier to drive cars like the Ta05.

In other words, you have to work a little harder (set up and driving skill) to make it perform well.
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