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Originally Posted by Hang_TiMe
He used a skyrc program box iirc. It's in the earlier pages.
Sorry, I didn't check RCTech over the weekend, and just noticed this question.

Yes, I used a SkyRC progbox for my tests. This gives you a readout of the pulse rate, which when inverted (1 / Pulse Rate) gives you the duration between pulses. The way a servo works, is to read the width of the pulse, and use this to determine position. The faster the pulses come, the lower the response time.

What this testing is not able to do, is to account for any latency in the transmitter in converting the analog inputs from the wheel and trigger, into digital signals. This should be very very fast these days however, and I don't think this is likely to factor into the overall latency in any meaningful way.

Originally Posted by TNR27
Have you performed this test with other brands for comparison?
I tested a Spectrum DX4C at my local track, and got a response time of 11.1ms. @Billdelong and @SBD also did some tests in the past of other radios, the results of these are:
  • Graupner X-8N (24ms Mode): 441Hz / 2.3ms (Might be an error)
  • Graupner X-8N (12ms Mode): 82Hz / 12.2ms
  • Graupner X-8N (6ms Mode): 165Hz / 6.1ms
  • Graupner X-8N (3ms Mode - Narrow Pulse): 331Hz / 3ms
  • Graupner X-8N (1.5ms Mode - Narrow Pulse): 663ms / 1.5ms
  • BER TRC1: 49Hz / 20.4ms
  • AuStar AX5: 49Hz / 20.4ms
  • Spectrum DX2E: 181Hz / 5.5ms
  • Turnigy 3XS: 62Hz / 16.1ms

All of this additional data is not mine, so I can't give full information on the testing done, but my understanding is that they used the same approach that I did, using the SkyRC Progbox.
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