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Default "Over Voltage" error on Venom Pro Duo

Hey guys,

Got a battery issue that has me stumped. I'm trying to charge a 5000mAH 2S Gen Ace LiPo on a Venom Pro Duo charger. Not doing anything different that I have been for months now, but tonight I'm getting an "Over Voltage" error when trying to charge with the balance cable connected (even if I'm not balance charging).

I've confirmed the LiPo program mode is set properly at 3.7v. When accessing the LiPo Battery Meter, the cells show balanced at 3.8v. Charge rate is set at 5.0 amps and cell count is set to 2S(7.4v). Charging fails after it checks the battery, telling me it's "Over Voltage".

Tried measuring the charge with a voltmeter. Here's what I'm looking at:

With the red voltmeter lead on the red contact and the black voltmeter lead on the middle black contact, voltage reads 3.81v (consistent with what the battery meter read). However, with the red lead on the red contact and the black lead on the far left black contact, voltage reads 7.62v. This startled me at first, but this seems to be the voltage of the whole pack. I assumed the two black wires would correspond to the two cells in the pack individually. Is this not the case?

Can anyone set me straight on what's going on here?
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