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Originally Posted by RC*PHREAK View Post
Been a loyal customer to amain for years. mainly for two reasons: 1) customer service, 1b) speed of shipping. i live about 170 miles from amain. when i place an order on a sunday, i'll get it no later than wednesday if it's regular USPS first class and if it's a big enough order that i get USPS priority, i'll get it tuesday. this past sunday i placed an order and on monday i get confirmation that it has shipped via "OnTrac DirectPost". As of now, it's scheduled to arrive Saturday. tracking shows the most ridiculous, inefficient shipping route ever. on wednesday, the package was at the post office in my town. then they send it to the next city's post office and from there it goes back to my post office, then back over to the next city's post office. from there it goes about 30 miles away and today it's in my city's post office. that is no exaggeration. that's exactly what tracking shows.

anybody else get this "OnTrac DirectPost" shipping? if this is a new, regular thing, amain will no longer be the automatic recipient of my business.
There's 2 ontracs. There's the one where they will deliver to post office and one where they will deliver straight to your house. Never choose the one where they will deliver to post office as it always takes longer. Either choose the ontrac only one or go USPS priority where it's handled only by post office. A lot of merchants are using this 2 carrier redirect option to save money on shipping and it's quite inefficient.

If I always need something next day in SoCal from amain I will always use ontrac direct which is next day delivery for around $7. If I can wait the two days I will use use USPS priority.
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