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Originally Posted by RC*PHREAK View Post
honestly, i didn't even see the "OnTrac" option. i've never seen it before. this time, i just clicked through shipping options, leaving the lowest cost option checked. assumed it was just regular first class.
The OnTrac option was sort of brought in under the radar from what i remember. It was a month or two ago when i first saw it. From the tracking info I saw in your PM, I'd say USPS has some explaining to do. Never in my experience has USPS bounced a package back and forth like that. I've had them hold it at the post office for a few days because they were lazy or whatever but never just going between post office to post office.

I'd get on the line with Amain's online chat if you can and see if they can contact their USPS rep. Because OnTrac did their part and delivered to USPS.
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