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Originally posted by Randy Caster
With the big pulleys and adjustable tensioners in the bulkheads, I wasn't planning on running the tensioner on the upper deck, is there any reason to?
I would run it if only to save on wear. The antenna mount is real close to the belt and any slap could begin to rub a little. I found that the tentioner is really just to keep it from the STOP AND GO back lash. I didn't have any problems with it so I will leave it....But you have a good point. with all those diff adjustments why would you need it? Hey I am new to the adjusting diff what will each tick mark do? going tighter front or looser and vise versa?
Just trying to get a head start on tuning knowledge...This is my first real belt car...I do have a Yokomo Mini TC but it is basic when it comes to belt cars. LOL I am going to sell it soon as I never run it and I don;t have time to keep it maintanced...If Anyone is interested send me a PM.
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