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Just going to throw this out there: If you want a car for off-track running, get a XV-01 instead. You can configure it the same as a FF-04 by not installing the rear transmission parts, and optionally putting the TA-06/TB-04/FF-04 suspension parts on the car. With a plastic chassis it will handle street use a lot better.

If you want it for track use, there's not much difference between the black and blue versions. The big-bore dampers are nice if you care about that sort of thing, and the aluminum front stiffener is nice if you crash on a regular basis, other than that they're the same car. I owned both, but I ended up cannibalizing them and using them to upgrade my XV-01s instead.

With the FF-03 and FF-04 both discontinued, I wonder if Tamiya will make a FF-05 eventually, or if they're done making FWD touring cars. That would be sad, because other companies finally got into the game a couple years ago.
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