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Default Dealing with slop: Is this something that everyone does?

Howdy everyone,

I've recently been obsessing over slop in my cars setup. I have suspension guages, but there's always some play in the linkages, bearings, hinge pins...

So what do you do? How do you handle it?

I've seen the foam spacers on associated cars, around ball cups, but I suspect those are for dirt infiltration, rather than sucking the play out of the ball cups.

Tamiya people have huge selections of shims, and shim kits to chose from.

I've heard of people using reamers.. but I'm not sure how they're applying them.

Now.. is it even important? What do you do?

I've gone over my M05, with some shims, and I've pulled the swingarm pivot fore and aft slop out, and I've taken what I could out of the knuckles. More importantly, I put shims in the hubs to remove as much axle play as I could.

Between those changes the car hunts less, and does what I tell it to, more often.

Tell me about your cars! And your tricks, and what you use.
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