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Originally Posted by MNiceGuy View Post
The go-to combo at my track is Schumacher LP Cut-Stagger and Mini-Pin rear. I've found the JConcepts tire package to be very similar in performance but I haven't been running them long enough to comment on their wear characteristics.
I used to run the Mini Pin in the rear. Same as you, the Cut Stagger/Mini Pin is the goto, and lots of guys still run that combo as it's a solid ozite performer. I just think the Pin Downs last longer than the Mini Pin. I mount the wider textured area to the outside of the buggy. I will say although the Pin Downs last longer, I think they fall off quick once they wear out. You'll be turning descent laps, then all of a sudden you'll be like man am I loose.........

IMO the swaggers aren't so hot. The schumachers Cut Stagger LPs got more grip and last reasonably long.

Like I said, clean 'em and be liberal with the glue and let them sit overnight, I've had descent results with that.

I recently tried the Proline Pin Points, and they work well too, and glue up like the Schumachers. I think it's definitely the tire compound of the JConcepts.

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