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Originally Posted by BigChris in PA View Post

Lots of good tips here. Although I really don't think you're doing anything wrong. As I have experienced the same as you. For our track, the buggy combo that works for me is a Schumcher Cut Stagger yellow low profile front and the J Concepts Pin Downs pinks on the rear.

I recycle my rims by soaking in acetone, as it's not uncommon to smoke a set of tires in a 2-3hr practice session. The Schumacher tire will tear/rip as you try to pull it off the rim, the JConcepts peels right off. Both tires are glued with the same tire glue (AKA medium), same prep and within minutes of each other.

Once I had the tire come off the the bead on the track w the J Concepts. The one that I lost the bead on were glued at the track the day of the race, about 30 minutes before the race, and probably not fully dried. However the bond between the Schumacher and the rim is almost instant. Now I glue them at least a day before and really let them dry.

It's just the nature of the beast with the Pin Downs. On a positive note, makes reusing the wheels easier.

I used to run the Schumacher mini pin, but the JConcepts lasts so much longer.
The go-to combo at my track is Schumacher LP Cut-Stagger and Mini-Pin rear. I've found the JConcepts tire package to be very similar in performance but I haven't been running them long enough to comment on their wear characteristics.

It's interesting to hear that you've had a similar experience with the JConcepts tires. As I mentioned in the OP, I've glued many sets of Schumachers and never had separation problems. In fact, recently I noticed I didn't have a bead set quite right as I was gluing up a set of Mini-Pins. When I went to pull it back it quite literally tore the tire from bead to bead.

Based on what I've read here, I really do think I have glue problems. I bought the stuff eons ago. I can certainly amp up my cleaning regiment as well. Afterall, I do like the tires so I'm willing to give them another shot. If they still pull off I guess my money goes back to the Brits.
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