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Lots of good tips here. Although I really don't think you're doing anything wrong. As I have experienced the same as you. For our track, the buggy combo that works for me is a Schumcher Cut Stagger yellow low profile front and the J Concepts Pin Downs pinks on the rear.

I recycle my rims by soaking in acetone, as it's not uncommon to smoke a set of tires in a 2-3hr practice session. Same as you've experienced, the Schumacher tire will tear/rip as you try to pull it off the rim (the bond between the tire/rim is stronger than the tire). Whereas the JConcepts peels right off with a crunchy sound (sort of rice crispies). Both tires are glued with the same tire glue (AKA medium), same prep and within minutes of each other. I wipe the bead of the tire with some isopropyl alcohol and let dry just prior to gluing.

I've probably used 15-20 pairs of Pin Downs this winter season. All behaved the same, for a little while right around xmas, the Pin Downs were hard to get.

Once I had the tire come off the the bead on the track w the J Concepts (high speed sweeper on the one layout). The one that I lost the bead on were glued at the track the day of the race, about 30 minutes before the race, and probably not fully dried. However the bond between the Schumacher and the rim is almost instant. Now I glue them at least a day before and really let them dry. That seams to work the best, be liberal with the glue and let them dry at least overnight.

It's just the nature of the beast with the Pin Downs. On a positive note, makes reusing the wheels easier.

I used to run the Schumacher mini pin, but the JConcepts lasts so much longer.

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