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Originally Posted by IJsbier View Post
My complete setup:

Gear diff: 900
Shock front: 25.-2.8, Rear: 2.5
Shock Oil: 450 (front and rear, holes probably default, just bought the T4 2015)
Anti Roll bar: front: 1.3mm, rear: 1.2 mm
Tires: Sorex 28 (pretty worn), I have Sorex 24 and a new set Sorex 28 on order
Roll center: eccentric bushings: all default (middle)
Bump steer shim: 2mm
Ride height: front 5.6mm, rear: 5.8mm
Camber link front: inner shim: 2mm, outer shim 2mm
Camber link rear: inner 1mm, outer shim: 4mm
HEX offset: -0,75 (Front and rear)
Downstop: front: 5.5mm, rear: 4.5mm
Front Toe out: 1 degree
Rear toe in: 3 (should be default, thinking of increasing the toe in)
Shock shim front: upper: 2mm, lower: 0mm
Shock shim rear: upper: 3mm, lower: 2mm
Roll center upper clamp, front, rear: 2
Motor mount flex: yes
Alu Stand: yes
Camber: front and rear: 1.8 degree, a little below 2
Shock position front: 2, rear: 3
Diff position front and rear: down

Note, that the temperature was pretty low yesterday (13 degree or so) the track had some small wet spots and quite some dirt (sand).
I had to be really careful when going on throttle, this winter I have been driving on carpet with much more grip, so I think I have to adapt my driving style as well, but yesterday it was way to tricky to drive. Looking forward to your advise.
I would start with lowering your rear pins (lowering roll center). Use the .1 down inserts. Set camber to 2. And also move the diff to the upper position, at least in the rear.
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