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Originally Posted by xevias View Post
Hi Fenix guys,

This isn't a quality problem, but just wanting to get advice on maintenance.

The gear diff is working great. I did have to put a spacer between the spring and cap. The hex with the set screw would slide all the way to the end (closest to the upright) and allow the wheel hex adapter about 3mm of play. Did anyone else run into this?

The main question is how to keep the oil from leaking when not racing. Or is it expected to have to fill the diff before every race? If so, how do you ensure the diff gets rebuilt the same every time?

I tried 100K, but most of that flung out of the diff after 3 runs. I moved to 500K and have had awesome performance, but it gets real messy filling, running in, then cleaning up the excess.

I'd appreciate any advice you guys might have.

Gear diffs that sling silicone everywhere..... that will be easy to get out of carpet.
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