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Originally Posted by chris moore View Post
So here is what I decided on for mounting my servo, I ended up using two 15mm standoffs instead of the unimount. then using just one 2mm spacer on each side between the servo and the floating mount I am able to achieve a nice half mm gap between the servo and the chassis. This feels more solid than using a stack of shims (to me anyway) and as you can see between the two pics it also gives me more adjustability on the shock angle. Just need to add electronics and wire everything and it will be ready to hit the track.

I would suggest to use a 3rd post to install the cf servo mount bracket, right where you have the shock mounted. The holes match up with the ones on the chassis.

The unimount with shims is far more stable than just 2 posts due to the surface area contact. The 2 posts holes are fairly close, so it will cause the cf bracket to rotate when you have board taps. The third posts prevents this from happening, this is actually how I would run my car in spec classes when I wanted to get down to minimum weight with the Reedy motor. The chassis has the holes on the bottom of the chassis match the CF piece for this reason.
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