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Lightbulb Trailing axle vs non-trailing axle

Recently, when I was trying to get familiar with the theory behind trailing axles I came across this channel on YT: @doctormosfet.
I watched most of his setup videos and the guy seems to know what he's talking about (at least I haven't found any statements that were suspicious for me ).

Now, the problem is that with regard to trailing axles he's saying the exact opposite thing in comparison to Adam Drake. It got me thinking.

Have anyone dug deeper into this topic and could comment on this?

You can find both videos here:

I would rather lean towards Adam's version. My opinion is that in doctormosfet's video the wrong conclusion comes at 3:53 when he traces out the arcs. I suppose that the fact that with non-trailing axle this arc is sharper it suggested that the turning radius of the whole car would be sharper as well. That's not the case in my opinion.

I couldn't sleep so I drew the geometry

Ok, that's it for the theory! Seems like Adam is right.
Now I'm curious if you agree + what are your personal feelings from testing both
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