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Originally Posted by jkas10 View Post
I am referring to a hole without a screw in it. Like the Losi 2.0 bladder shock trick. You would drill a hole and leave it open. It was to allow the air behind the bladder to exit, and enter, through to keep from developing too much air pressure behind the bladder.

Like I said, only use a fluid bleeder hole with an emulsion shock.
So you're referring to 'vented' style build with foam compensators (as used on the Losi 2.0) sitting on top of the bladder and a exposed hole in the cap. The bladders remain intact though...

With the emulsion build, you need the bleeder screw as the shock cap will be fully screwed onto the shock body thereby closing the side hole on the cap, then you're bleeding the excess oil out of the 'bleeder screw' hole when the oil and air have emulsified with the pumping action. Once done, seal it up with the cap screw...

Have a look at the Losi 4.0 'emulsion' shock cap and Tekno's shock cap which do the different style shock types with detailed descriptions of each...

Damper Types
  • Vented: Use bladder included with TKR6009, omitting the small cap screw, small o-ring, and emulsion o-ring.
  • Non-Vented: Use bladder included with TKR6009, small cap screw, and small o-ring, omitting the emulsion o-ring.
  • Emulsion: Use all items included with TKR8702 (emulsion o-ring, small cap screw and small o-ring).


Tekno's 'Vented' specific shock cap:-

Lutz emulsion shock build:-
+ YouTube Video
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