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Default 11Feb2017 Race Report

The reason the SI swimsuit issue comes out this time of year is the post-Super Bowl lull, when the all-conquering NFL thankfully goes away for a few months; basketball and hockey seasons are trudging through the gut of their seasons, and there is still not even a whiff of spring grass in the outfield to summon the baseball spirits from the corn rows. And for us, Formula 1 is still several weeks away. My current favorite beach goddess, since Kate Upton retired from the scene, would have to be Rose Bertram. What is she? Is she white? Is she black? Is she Caribbean, Creole, South American, maybe Hawaiian? Or is she just…beautiful? She’s a glorious sample of the human genome. Per Wikipedia her ancestry is Belgian, Portugese, and Senegalese, and she’s living and working in New York city, which to my mind argues for liberal immigration laws; talent like hers should not be exiled to Toronto! All of which is to say, we had a strong night at the gym, with 65 entries, 10 heats, and loads of fun.

Brian brings up a good point in his previous post. The great strength of our club is that we pitch in to make it happen; the great vulnerability of the club is that we pitch in to make it happen. While Brian and I are approaching a decade of work together on this project, and we respect and understand each other, we differ by temperament on our expectations about pitching in to set up and tear down. He’s more of a hard ass, which I fear can drive people away. I’m more of a soft touch, which he fears is an invitation to getting walked on and taken advantage of. Although we are strong, this club can fail if people stop pitching in, and this club can fail if people stop showing up to race. There is no binary here, we are navigating through hazardous terrain, and there are several ways to screw it up.

I don’t want anyone to not show because they think we are watching and keeping track of who does what, or that there is resentment in the offing if they show up late or leave early for whatever reasons. As individuals, we have contingencies, injuries, long drives, early jobs, kids, wives, obligations, and every darn thing. Because we are big, and because we are strong, as a group we manage to soak up the variability with enough willing hands to accomplish the necessary tasks on a given night. Usually. It’s been a little thin on the teardown, I must say. From my perspective, we’re down two Danilchiks and a Johnson, and men like that aren’t easily replaced.

I must have Brian’s back on this one. If you’re able to help, please do. We can use it.

The race of the night had to be the 2-3-4-5 battle in Stock Touring. Justin, Jim, Sam, and Dick finished within 1 sec. of each other after long minutes of battle. Malkinson crushed it early, and he soft pedaled his last couple minutes, trailing the train and taking in the view of the battle. George and John were tight in the Stock Touring B main, too. And it should not go without saying that we had a wonderfully strong Novice turnout, with several of our regular guys bringing up their young ones in the hobby…sport…hobbysport?...with them.

Race central functioned flawlessly, and for those who seek out that little extra bit of geekiness—I’m looking at you, Panos—the real-time online reporting is pretty awesome. Track records will be updated.

Results attached.
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