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Originally Posted by al dente View Post
All these things you are asking about are adjustable, and have an impact on the performance of the car. droop in the rear of the car is adjusted by changing the length of the shock. the longer you make the shock, the more droop you have in the rear pod. spring tension should be set so that the car is flat when sitting on the ground and ready to race. not enough tension, and the center of the car will sag, too much and it will peak at the center pivot. we always run just a shade of toe out (about 1/2 degree) and id start with 1 degree of camber. more camber will give you more steering, to a point (about 2 degrees, then you will start to lose contact patch with the track. we are generally running light dampening in the tubes (between 5 and 10k).

hope this helps.
Sorry, I didn't mean to skip over this but I somehow missed it. Thanks for the info. What are you experiencing when going from lighter to heavier oils in the dampening tubes? I know transition will be quicker/slower but what effect does that have on the cars handling characteristics?

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