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Mmm... nostalgia...

When I was 10 I started saving for a "real" R/C car... got a paper route, mowed lawns, etc. A couple years later I had saved enough for the #6010 gold tub RC10, one NiCd pack, and a Futaba Magnum Jr transmitter.

I couldn't solder to save my life, so I was always fighting with that little "button" piece of the mechanical speed control. My batteries were garbage (probably my own doing), so I was only getting 5 - 6 minutes of runtime. Still, I was deeply interested in the engineering behind it all. My parents bought me the Stealth tranny when it came out, and it was amazing how much that one upgrade transformed my car.

As I've ducked in and out of the hobby since then, I've owned:

- AE RC10 #6010
- AE RC10T4
- AE RC10B4
- AE SC10 RTR (for my son)
- AE SC10.2 FT
- AE SC5M (just arrived today for my son - replacing his SC10 RTR!)
- Losi XXX
- Losi XXX-4 G+
- Losi XXX-CR
- Losi XXX-T MF2
- TLR 22
- JConcepts BJ4
- JConcepts BJ4 WE
- Probably a couple that I'm forgetting

My favorite kits were the XXX-4 G+ and my current SC10.2. The G+ was a dream to drive, but the front spindles were practically made of glass. You would have had to own one to truly appreciate its fragility (you could literally be driving down the straight and have one just snap on you). My SC10.2 is also butter smooth, extremely forgiving, and extremely durable. My XXX-CR always felt pretty dialed, too.

Favorite radio was my Futaba 3PK. It just felt great to hold, and I felt super connected to my cars.
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