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Default HH 1/10 EP SERIES 2017

HH 1/10 EP SERIES 2017

1. Stock 13.5T (non-boost)
2. Mini Chassis

Entrance fee:
1 category - $25
2 categories - $45


Stock 13.5T (non-boost)
- ESC: Non-boost
- Motor: 13.5T
- Batt: Any 2 cells LiPo 7.4 or 6 cells NiMH/NiCD can be used
- Chassis: Any 1/10 EP touring car with 4WD system
- Tires: 1/10 touring rubber tires
- Body shell: Touring
-Weight: Minimum 1350g.

Mini Chassis
-Chassis: mini FF 2wd
-ESC: 50A or below (non-boost)
-Motor: 13.5T & Above (zero timing)
-Batt: Any 2 cells lipo 7.4 or 6 cells NIMH/NICD
-Body Shell: Open
-Tires: Team power mini rubber tyre
-Minimum clearance: 5mm with battery and bodyshell

Race format
-Qualifying rounds: 5 minutes of 3 rounds
best of 2 rounds
-Final rounds: 5 minutes of 3 rounds
best of 2 rounds

Point system
Maximum of 30 points will be awarded to the round’s winner of each class and decrement of -1 points to the next position, extra 1 points will be given for TQ for each class.
Best 4 of 6 rounds of points will be counted to determine your overall position.

**in-house transponder will be provided for free however if found damaged, user needs to pay $60 for the transponder replacement*

**Category will be cancelled if overall less than 7 drivers participating

• For each round trophy/prizes/medals will be given to all A-main and top three B-Main.
• After 6 rounds, Grand champion trophy will be given to top 3 highest points.

For further inquiries please contact Hilmi: 8992755 / Huzairi:8800018
Thank you for your support ☺
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