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Default 28Jan2017 Race Report

Saturday night at the Magnuson CC offers reliably outstanding on-track action. The track is big, the current layout has an intuitive, technical flow that just seems to click, and the fields are deep and fast. Itís hard to ask for more, but I will add that the past two outings have been beset by technical glitches at race central. In the end, we are overcoming them, and the program proceeds with only modest delays, so I hope for the racers itís not a turn off. For me, itís a stress bomb that will be affirmatively neutralized the next time out. On the 17th, our computer hard drive failed. Last night, our new software failed to properly sort the quals and would not launch the mains at all. This is intolerable. I intend to have all issues resolved before the next time out. We will not be testing new software on race day.

At present, Donny is the Scale Spec patron at the community center. He owns the track record, he TQíd qualifying, and he won the main going away. It was a show of dominance, and it was well-earned. Donny has been a stalwart in the class for a long time, and clearly his program has come together. We await the next challenger, whether an out of town wheel like Brownlee or Tsang, a returning driver from seasons past like Reyes or Reute, or perhaps a new homegrown challenger? In any case, it is evident that Donny is ready to rumble and is bringing as dialed a game as anyone ever has to the gym. Good on him, now letís mount a charge!

Stock 1/12th is starting to pick up again. I think the tire question is long settled. The stripe spec tires are an excellent all-round solution that simplifies preparation and setup. That we pay little to no penalty in on-track performance is a huge bonus. However, as Brian wrote, 17.5 classes right now are in the throes of a motor leapfrog battle that is difficult to keep up with. (Yes, spec racing is always this way, itís nothing new.) Bodine is the clear master of the class at present, though itís great to see him so generously offer up his settings and strategies. Learn from what he shares, just donít expect it to win the race for you. Iíve come to know too well that Slappy is never resting on the current success. Every win becomes yesterdayís news as he presses on in pursuit of improvement. Itís a pleasure and a privilege to race him as often as I do. (Also, the mail man is delivering a package this weekÖ Thanks Paulie!)

We had two brand new racers on track. Ed and Devon are having a go. They made it through their first night, and I hope they will be back. I thank everyone for the welcoming vibe you extend to the new people in our program. It has been this way for years, and it is a fundamental element of our clubís identity. For all that our program features some all-world talent, we make a home for the rawest new recruits. It is one of the very best things about us. Letís keep it up!

Speaking of all-world talent, when you have the likes of Harbke and Schreven going hammer and tongs, with a supporting cast that includes the likes of Panos ďThe Greek StreakĒ and Donny Banks, you know youíre in for a battle. And indeed, the Modified Touring race did not disappoint, as Trav and Korey swapped paint early and Trav got out ahead. But Korey put his head down and chased back through the field until he was able to close the gap on Trav, who eventually got a little too close to the edge on the dots and paid the price. Then it was Travís turn to chase, and he did, closing back up to a mere second in the closing laps. Korey hung on, but it was a demonstration by Trav that his return is starting to gel. I hope we see more of it, as he takes the fight to Korey and the other established runners in the field.

Formula 1 has well and truly earned its spot in the lineup, as the crew of devoted open wheel scale racers never fails to show on race night. That they are also some of the most willing backs in the house at setup and teardown is a major benefit. Jeff Sr. showed the way in the main, with Russ trailing in second, and Ernie showing continual improvement and showing up in the three spot.

Stock Touring was the big field of the night, proving that however nutso the motor thing gets, Stock TC is still the class that matters, here and everywhere else. The real story of the main was the tremendous nose to tail battle between Donny and Mike into the fifth minute. It was a classic demonstration from two of our best, with Donny leading the way. The other racers on track did their level best to let them by, but an unfortunate tangle cost Donny his spot, and he had to retire early. It was one of those things that happen, but truly, I wish it had not because he was showing us something special. Itís not to say Mike would not have made a pass eventually, but we never got to see. Mike is one of our reliable best, and his drive and win are totally deserving, but Iím sure he would have liked a clean and fair shot to prove his point.

Modified 1/12th was again the Korey show, as he lit the after burners and was contrailing down the back straight. Also on good form was Brian, who has clearly found his car for the modified class. He is a happy Slappy, I can tell for sure. My car was also excellent, if just a little less top fuel. I may need to add a tooth or two next time out. Stuart struggled, but weíll get him sorted. There are fast laps there, but he just needs to corral the new 3.5 power and get his consistency built up.

The race software was a little troublesome, as I said before. Results are attached, but itís a little different this time than youíre used to seeing.
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