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Originally Posted by Johnny Wishbone View Post
I have overlayed the D08 to the D09 chassis, and without modifying the existing D08 mount, it will not work. Besides having to either remove the locating pins from the mount or drilling the D09 chassis for the pins it won't work. Even if this is done, only one screw will line up properly and the forward mount screw will be 1.47mm out of place. I guess you could try running with just one screw holding the mount in place, or force the forward screw in, but then you'll have a bowed chassis. Also without drilling additional holes, you'll loose the ability to add extra screws for flex settings.

If you managed to just screw this on without modifying, I'd like to see it, as I just don't see it being a straight swap.
I've posted in on vbc racing fanatic on Facebook if you want to have a look
With photos
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