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Default 14Jan2017 Race Report

Last nights’ effort highlighted the power and purpose of being a club. As these things tend to go, there was of course no warning: the club’s computer simply decided to fail. I called up Andrew, Panos, and Mike to take a look, and it was agreed, we were SOL. So, what to do? I carry spares, of course, but I do not carry entire spare computers. However, Andrew had his on hand, and he was willing to pitch it into the fray. I do carry spare software, and with a quick install and a download of the appropriate drivers, we were in business. The net of the affair was a 35 minute delay as I had to manually enter everyone into the database, and the first round was slowed by dragging and dropping transponders for the first runs, but overall we were okay. Huge thanks should go out to Andrew, who now has an official club backup computer in case I want to go on vacation. Ha ha Andrew! I got you. It’s like the Godfather, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

And of all was a solid one, with 57 entries in 11 heats (60 and 10 is the ideal). Once again, I have to say this layout has a superb technical flowing character, more an evolution than a revolution, and it qualifies and races very well. The upper left entrance to the straight keeps it real, but overall, it punishes mistakes without causing heartache from broken gear. I’d say it’s the best we’ve ever had…I have to maybe think about that one…but it’s on the short short list.

Every season, we see a dominant Scale Spec racer. In past years it was Ruete, Reyes, Garber, Reece, and usually there’s an out of town joker like Tsang to mix it up. This year, it’s Donny who is ruling the class, with occasional visits by Ryan Brownlee to break the monotony. Donny enjoyed a mostly unchallenged run at the field, and in the process reset the track record. In the main, he checked out at the tone, but deeper down the sheet, Willie and Ray swapped the 3-4 spots to maintain interest in the stands.

Bodine continues to be the class of the Stock 1/12th field. While I was able to stay within six seconds by the bell, it wasn’t enough to count as an actual challenge. All I could do was keep my feet while he grimly applied the pressure. All credit to Brian, whose program on all levels is dialed in to near perfection. His bench game—chassis, motor, and battery—and his on-track prowess are difficult to beat at any time, and this season has not deviated from that pattern.

We’ve graduate a couple novices already this season, so it was good to see a new face in the house to take up the hobby. His name is Collin, and he got his start at Galaxy Hobby last summer and found his way to us. He seemed to have fun, and it was good to have young McKenna on hand to dish him out his first beat down. It’s good to start off on the right foot and to begin stripping away all pretenses, I think. Racing makes no allowances for the dignity that comes with age or wage, it simply measures speed. And McKenna had more, so good on her.

Modified Touring was fantastic, as is so often the case. Korey, Andrew, and Brian Shook were the front runners, with both Donny and Panos laying down some fast laps. Come the main, Korey was gone-dy early and took the win going away. But Andrew and Brian battled fiercely until Brian tapped and broke, letting Donny through to the 3-spot. But back for a moment to Korey…it’s easy to look past sushi boy as if his consistent on-track excellence is a foregone thing. But he works at it, and every lap is the product of a meticulous attention to detail on the bench and years of on-track experience. Making it look easy is actually hard, and Korey does not flinch from the challenge.

Formula One has not had a consistent patron this season. It has been a toss-up between McMullen and Dyer, and this one was more of that. Russ TQ’d a mere two seconds ahead of Dave, and in the main Russ took the win with Dave trailing right behind on the same lap. I occasionally wonder the class wouldn’t be well-served to go 25.5. It’s a trend elsewhere in the country, as it makes the little beasts easier to handle in close quarters. 2s 21.5 power is no joke in these cars. It may as well be modified, as the existing package delivers an excess of power for most conditions. And there is no question that when care is taken to avoid bumping wheels, it’s finesse and delicacy that pays off as opposed to outright rip. That said, if the will to adapt emerges, it will have to come from the guys racing the class, and my hunch is that no change will be forthcoming. So, I’m just talking.

Stock Touring (or should I say Super Stock since ROAR Stock will almost certainly go 21.5 within the year) saw a familiar face at the top of the qualifying sheet. Malkinson likes his time trials, far more than mains, it must be said. Every time the “let’s cut quals and race more” thing comes up, I think of Mike, who would as soon cut the mains and add another qual, I think. It’s a “says who, you?” thing when these conversations come up, and more than anything highlights the confirmation biases of both sides of the debate. At any rate, Mike recused himself from the main, opening the door for Donny to take charge of the race, though Sam, Justin, and Ritchie did what they could to knock him off. But Donny is a hard one to take down, particularly this season as his efforts have taken a step up, it seems. I don’t know whether or how he has made deliberate changes, but I detect an improvement in preparation and consistency.

Finally, Modified 1/12th scale, where we have been experimenting with a couple of “power down” strategies. The ancient art has waned of late, as it has been obvious that the cars are simply too fast and unforgiving of the least slip in setup or preparation. It can’t survive at that pace while making those demands. This is a hobby, not a job. We’ve tried 6.5…blah. I mean, it’s okay, and if everyone is running it, it’s fast racing, to be sure. But it lacks the essential modified quality of having to control the power. We’ve been gravitating toward open motor/blinky, which takes the insane edge off while preserving the essence of open modified classes. Plus, taking away the boosted surge makes it far easier to race wheel to wheel. No surprise, it was Korey again, with Brian second, Stuart third. Stuart has graduated to full-blown 3.5 power, and one catastrophic wallop on the upper left aside, he kept his stuff mainly in good order throughout.

Thank you for your patience with the delay, we will have the situation remedied next time out.

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