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1spun, i think you misunderstood. I was referring to the bushes, not the brushes.

I'm not too fond of the idea of just "accepting it because thats just the way it is". I think there is some validity to comm drops.

I still can't find any dynos for sale... anywhere. Are there any write ups of people making their own? Since I have a lathe and mill, im no stranger to metal work... its just the electronics side I'm not sure about. A flywheel is a good idea if I could accurately time it and log rpms. I can't see why such a system would be strictly for brushed or brushless motors. I've also seen some people use a slave motor... again, how power is measured, I'm not sure.

This looks handy, though its only half the picture as its only going to measure electrical power, not mechanical power... so I will have no idea of efficiency.


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