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Originally Posted by justpoet View Post
The new .4 geometry allows it to keep the same type of turning radius as the .3 vehicle without the rear having to break free to do it at speed, and without the front scrubbing as hard, making everything more controlled and in many cases raising corner speed. It isn't a mechanical straight reduction of steering like you're thinking of (which is what the steering stops did for the .3 vehicle).
That's not what I mean. A whole steering system isn't needed just to decrease steering. Just add more washers or decrease steering with your radio.On the website it says responsiveness is increased while being less edgy. Was wondering if this was achieved by having weaker steering. Like how kyoshos have less steering, but is very easy and forgiving to drive. Every brand has their own steering feel or steering identity. Schumacher has the most steering I've tested, xray second. Durango and yokomo having the most responsive.

Example would be that tekno can do tighter corners than kyosho, but it doesn't mean it is better. When comparing the .3 steering to .4 has the steering gone down a bit to gain more stability? Or does the .4 steer just as sharp and tighg, but more stable making it faster?
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