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So the steering is more controlled as in less steering?

On my .3 I took out a defective mks 599 because it decides on its own if it when it wants to change its center, where I'm continuously needing to adjust the steering trim. Servo saver is tight and everything turns freely. Swapped it out with ko propo rsx which had no problems.

What happened was that I could drive the car harder. Much more predictable, stable, consistent and I was faster. Rotation was under greater control.

Bornhorst uses the mks 599 and for whatever reason the car was twitchy with it, at least for me. Lutz uses a super fast futaba that might be causing the same issue. Point is those two team drivers give their feedback to tekno and because of their super fast servos the cars are harder to control. Therefore the new steering on the new .4 might not have been needed. Maybe except on carpet, but I wouldn't know because there are no carpet tracks where I'm from. I may be wrong. It was a big shock to me that handling was so different from a servo change.

What I'm guessing is that because this buggy already has responsive steering, adding a responsive servo is too much. It needs balance between responsiveness and control.

BTW I spoke with mks customer service and team manager Kenny. Still waiting to get an email or call if they will service this new defective servo. They are polite and their words sound promising. Will update this week if mks is a brand that stands behind their products and if they should or shouldn't be recommended.
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