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Well this is my opinion...

I was going to buy the Chroma, but rather then choosed the Qx350 v2.

Booth are not produced anymore. Guess Blade retrieve the video drones for Panthom's and alikes... they have no margin for them.

I have my brand new (second hand to me) Qx2 350 simply because it has a bigger and normal receiver then the QX...and i only fly with GPS OFF.
Main reason was size vs the Chroma....i fly indoors to.

I guess main reason's those drones fly away is cause of GPS.

People need to be conscience that GPS is a system of the 1960's...updated to death and saturated to death... yes we use it for free but it's oldschool tech developed for older devices....

Releasing things dependent of such ancient tech gives runways, of course.

I only flight my QX350 with my eyes, just like an RC heli/plane. NO FPV neither GPS.

Those drones are so easy to fly, that is compared to an RC car... most people don't realize how hard is to fly a real RC heli.

If i were you i switch the GPS OFF and always fly in the line of sight... but that's just me... i am oldschool...

Don't rely a GPS to be always safe. It will fail...for sure in about 30 to 40 flights sometimes...and could intrefer with the RC system in there...

Heck, even RC 2.4ghz system sometimes fails, mostly because of bad orientation of antenas and obstacles....but way less the GPS fails of signal...maybe 1 time in 200 flights depending of circuntances... wi-fi aereas and high power line towers are a reason to...even cell phone calls, can ruin the signal...

I know this is not the answer you wanted but that's what i do to mine. But i am only person and count only by that. 1 vote

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