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Originally Posted by niznai View Post
I always thought along the same lines, but I have a suspicion that chassis flex is used in our hobby simply because it is, oh well, simpler. To have effective suspension we need to accomodate a much wider range of transitions than our shocks and springs can handle. To eliminate flex completely and make shocks capable would mean way over engineering the cars. Which would translate in inaccessible prices.

Having measured a ton of springs, I can report their ratings are at best approximations. Some are just dead wrong, closer to completely different values. Especially "intermediate" values (i.e. between two standard values). Almost makes the ones at correct values look like fortunate accidents. Not inspiring confidence in all the setups and so on.

Measuring is also a pain in the butt, given how small everything is and the limited deflection possible with TC springs before they are coilbound.

Either way, seems like the rule is inconsistency, so I wouldn't waste my time over analysing the hardware.

It's a hobby. Take it easy, have fun.

And I think you are right, a lot of the "innovation" and "upgrades" are just rubbish for people with feeble minds, but if you try to convince anyone, they usually react like you are trying to rape their mother.

You know what they say about fools and their money.
I totally could see tuning flex as easier, I guess that makes sense. I often forget that not everyone is as much as a nerd as I am. I understand you can never get ALL flex out, I was speaking to adding flex as a means to gain traction, it was late last night, I'm fairly certain I just rambled through that post, the key is: the longer the post, the greater chance I kind of forgot why I was posting in the first place, and instead of erasing and wasting all those letters and words I try steering it back on course. Whoa sorry I just subjected yall to the quagmire that is my stunted thought process, I'll try and limited that exposure going forward, promise. Rooster
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