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Originally posted by t4usee

Sorry about that. Starting out we were discharging down to 5.4 volts, storing the batteries untill we needed them again. I did not tray the batteries before charging them again. The MAH started to drop off after a while. I noticed that some people were discharging down to 0.0 volts and then deadshorting their packs. I decided to give one of our packs a try at that. This pack was only charging up to around 2800mah and the voltage was fairly low. When I took it down to 0volts and then recharged it the mah went up to 4180 and the voltage went out the roof. Since then I have done all our packs that way and have had very good results. Still dont know if this is the best way to handle nimh packs or not but I can tell you the first battery I done was one of the Off Road specialty packs Fusion sells and it is kick a$$ to this day. We did'nt have any problem at all running it in a heat race. I have so many, now it is a awsome practice pack.
So there you go!! give me some feedback!!! Thanks John

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