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Well, I have tried every motor position for a medium grip clay track (OCRC).

The LG worked really well. I was able to run the rear really soft and heighten the roll center which gave me a great action all the way through the corner.

The STD position worked pretty good but required me to move the rear wheels all the way forward (flipping arms and moving alignment spacers) to get the rear grip back to what the LG had.

Now it's time to give the MM a try. And from what I've heard from y'all, it should only improve rear traction. Since my chassis already had the hole position for the MM, I didn't want to buy the whole kit (I didn't get the SE car, so it didn't come with the MM). So I fabricated my own battery position, specially since my super short batteries would not fit with the regular shorty kit.

I'll get it on the track tonight, and hope it does well.

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