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Hi All,

it's good to be part of the fusion crowd, I'm expecting my first set of cells in the next few days and I'm looking forward to putting these puppies through thier paces. I'm a self confessed battery geek and I have a good depth of knowledge of how these things work and a good idea of how to look after them so they can look after me. I

have known John for over a year now and this guy is extremely smart and knowledgeable about cells, and I have spoken with a lot of the matcher guys, John is the best. Whatever I can do to help others (and myself) in whatever way I can is one of my goals.

I'm mainly a 12th scale racer, been running stock and mod for a few years, right now I'm running stock and enjoying it a lot as my car is handling like a dream even though it looks a little shoddy.

I have a question for you all... How many Mah are you putting into your cells? And how are you doing it?

Generally speaking, the more you put in.... the more you get out.

On an average day I will get 4200Mah into my cells. Other than my first charge (which is always crazy high) I have got 4384Mah into my cells. These are pretty good run time gp3300 cells. I know I'm way up there but if we share some knowledge i think we can all improve which can only be good for us and good for fusion.

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