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Originally Posted by cutting42 View Post
Thanks for the testing. Our whole team has moved to the AE truck springs now.

We did a demo run at a 1/10th buggy indoor meeting a couple of weeks back with four of the trucks being the 3.0 and there has been a lot of interest in how well they ran on the carpet and the local dealer has them flying off the shelves. Hope we see a further pickup in the class.
Have been using the Kyosho Sc/Turck Springs since the 3.0 came out. believe the minimum ride height is around 20mm. Havnt ran In a month or so testing was limited but they seem to work good for me.

XGS022 – Front Yellow (truck Hard) 4.20 lbs/in
XGS023 – Front Orange ( truck Super Hard)

XGS032 –Rear Yellow (truck) 2.63 lbs/in
XGS033 - Rear Orange

Wanted to wait until I purchased the fronts to take some pictures to show the spring height difference, Also cant seem to find the rates for the orange springs . if anyone wants to try these out and let me know that would be great!. might be a little pricey though. also will morelikly use the regular spring cups and not the 4+(don't think it matters with these springs).
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